Network Monitoring

Monitoring your Network is a critical part of network assurance.

  • How is response time (ping) in my network?
  • Is my WAN link congested?
  • Are my fans working?
  • How busy is my CPU?
  • How much Disk space is left on my systems?
  • Is my power supply still redundant?

For monitoring, use SolarWinds Orion (NPM and modules).

If you need help installing, repairing, managing your SolarWinds Orion platform, please contact: Tobias International @

SolarWinds products all come with a 30-day trial license. Built a VM and deploy NPM for evaluation.

Looking for immediate PC based monitoring, download PRTG.
This is free for up to 100 sensors (monitored items).

Please contact us if we can help improve your network monintoring infrastructure.

Network Monitoring
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