Frameworks: ITIL and FCAPS

Austin Voice Data uses proven network management methodologies to achieve results. To keep an agile capability when managing platforms we seek a light weight approach to some key high level concepts, ITIL and FCAPS.

ITIL provides a framework for IT Service Mangaement (how to operation your IT services).
FCAPS provides a model for approaching the Network Manaagement of your IT infrastructure.

ITIL - IT Service Management Infrastructure Library

ITIL (thank you UK government) provides a fantastic high level conceptual framework for making sense of IT service delivery.

  • Incident Managment - track issues, details, status, progress, resolutions
  • Error Control - manage known errors through updates, work-around, monitoring, knowledge capture, education.
  • Problem Management - unresolved incidents without resolutions are problems. Problems should be managed as distinct issues with advanced techniques including situation application of tools and process, escalation, documentation and whatever means warranted for the problems being managed.
  • Change Management - the ability to introduce changes into the IT infrastructure. Doing it poorly results in service degradation and the inability to make improvements. Changes should be managed with documentation and approval as they go through the build and release tasks. Change Effective change management is critical to continuous improvement of the IT services.
  • Configuration Management - tracking of the system components and managing configuration details such as IP addressing, credentials, service contracts, circuit IDs, carrier contacts, configuration files, backups, alerts, and similar important systems management information.

Austin Voice Data can help you achieve improvements in these important ITIL functional areas with lightweight methods to provide incremental improvements to your existing systems and process. Y

Some ITIL motivated process improvements:

  • form-driven change management
  • task and issue tracking systems for follow-up and resolution
  • documented build and release plans through wiki / sharepoint or similar platform
  • configuration management by tracking design details in sharepoint custom lists or similar web drive database application.
  • documentation strategy for error control success
  • distinct problem management assignments to provide focus and resolution

FCAPS - Fault Config Account Perform Secure

FCAPS is the ISO Telecommunications Management Network model and framework for network management. cite: FCAPS provides a simple model for the approach to manage your network.

  • Fault - how can I use automation and humans to manage faults in the network. Includes polling and logs, service desk, escalation and similar functions as needed to support Fault Management.
  • Config - how do I manage the configurations in my network to include configuration files, service contracts, software licenses, circuit IDs, and other network related configuration details (often called Configuration Items).
  • Accounting - keeping track of who is using the infrastructure and how
  • Performance - tracks systems performance including element capacity, redundancies, resilience and other performance related aspects of the telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Security - managment of system security aspects including authentication and authorization of infrastructure, encryption of data and credentails, and similary security requirements of the infrastructure.

Although FCAPS is a model for telecommunications management network, these concepts can be applied also the systems and servers that make up the broader IT infrastructure. FCAPS provides a simple language to help describe and identify the components of the network management infrastructure.

Frameworks: ITIL and FCAPS
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